So Long, Farewell…

While I have truly enjoyed writing at From Good to Glam, over time my interests have shifted and I think I’ve outgrown this blog. But never fear, I’ll still be active on the interwebs with a new blog, new name, and new agenda that suits me better.

I’ll leave this blog online for reference, but will no longer be publishing new content on it. Thank you to each and every one of my readers for supporting me, and I hope you’ll join me for more fun on my new blog:¬†The Vintage Guidebook!

I’ve had so much fun getting glam with you all ūüôā


Personal Post: What Non-Black Women Can Do For Black History Month

Taking a moment to depart from my usual content in order make a post on something very important: Black History Month. It’s a great time to promote the issues of the African American community but so often, the focus is: A) only on the men or B) on the slavery or Civil Rights eras. So since this blog is mainly geared toward women, on this last day of February I’d like all of us who want equality to focus on ways to support the history and interests of Black women starting¬†now.

But what’s that you say? You’re flat broke?? Not to worry- here are some ways to support for free today and year-round:

1) Follow Black women activists on social media¬†(this helps you learn without being that annoying “ally” who expects marginalized people to serve as her personal encyclopedia when Google is a thing) and SHARE. Those. Posts!!! This is free, easy, and helps educate others without draining the writer; it also spreads these women’s work to other people who can afford to pay for their main content. You can begin with¬†Black Girl in Maine, which I first found right here on WordPress. Some other good follows are:





(These are their Twitter handles but look for them on Facebook/Tumblr/other sites.)

2) Watch some good TV/movies directed by, produced by, or at the very least starring Black women (YOOOOO FINALLY YOUR NETFLIX BINGING CAN SERVE A PURPOSE BESIDES LAZINESS):

Film and TV about slavery and civil rights are deeply important of course, but we are MORE than suffering. Too often, Black Hollywood is only rewarded for its work in “tragedy porn” that emphasizes Black suffering, or works that are directed and written by White filmmakers (and even when they’re not, too often the perspective of Black women is excluded from depictions of the Black experience buuuuut…) So for every other genre out there, there is content created by Black women that is just as good but far less publicized and we should demand more.

3) Follow/subscribe to Black female content creators online! I cannot stress this one ENOUGH. You’re already fooling around on the internet so why not have your procrastination serve a cause? YouTubers, bloggers/vloggers, podcasters…all of these people get paid (or get exposure, which eventually leads to being paid) through “likes,” shares, and subscription counts- which are usually FREE on your end. You have no reason not to be watching/reading something you enjoy and not subscribe or follow to give this person’s hard work some benefit. Or even if it’s not your cup of tea, if you see a Black woman you know consistently working hard on something she’s passionate about- hit that share button so she can be discovered by someone else who may enjoy! Check out Awesomely Luvvie (if you like pop culture commentary) Jackie Aina (if you love makeup), or heyyy, subscribe to my own blog¬†(beauty product reviews and style tips) that you’re reading right now. The internet is free. Women’s work should not be. Subscribe to all the things and help women get paid for their labor.

4) Be a snooty white woman and demand Black women be featured in women’s/feminist programs, organizations, companies, literature, presentations, TV, and art. Use your privilege for good! I can’t tell you howwwww many times I’ve seen a, say, museum exhibit that claims to be promoting the achievements of women THAT HAS NO BLACK WOMEN IN ITS FEATURES OR¬†ON ITS STAFF. I need you to pop up in there (even virtually- maybe especially virtually, since social media is quickly becoming the biggest PR there is these days) like:

“Uhhhh, cool, but where are the Black women?” *stares intently*

Make it awkward. In the age of Google, it’s inexcusable that they couldn’t find any Black women to feature and in 2018, it’s inexcusable that they couldn’t “find” any qualified Black women to hire (This “oversight” also applies to other women of color, but it’s February now. So.) Also, stop patronizing places, brands, and companies that do this until they change.

Black women still, overall, make even less than white women make to every dollar that white men do. I hope you all know by now that the biggest problem with racism isn’t white people using slurs or whatever tf ever white men in the suburbs spend their time doing, but rather the institutionalized prevention of access to resources and opportunities, like education and jobs. So let’s stop with the empty promises to “trust” “listen to” or “respect” Black women; if you’re truly serious about women’s equality, let’s PAY and HIRE Black women.

Because we shouldn’t only be supporting Black women one month out of the year.

(If you found this post helpful, and you’d like to start by supporting the labor of¬†this Black woman, please share this post or donate:

How-To: Save Money When You Shop!

Photo courtesy of Google

As you’ve probably noticed throughout this blog, I’m a big fan of high-quality clothing. But high quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean a higher price tag. Even at expensive stores, you can shop within your budget. So here are seven helpful pointers (which also apply to buying anything, not just pricier items) I swear by that I bequeath unto you:

1. Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores.

This may seem tedious, as every store now does it and you can easily end up with an mailbox full of virtual junk mail. But it’s well worth the annoyance when the day arises that you actually want to shop. Then you have coupons! This is extremely helpful during the holiday season when you really want the best deal and don’t have time to hunt around. But if clogging up your inbox in any way just irritates you like a thousand pebbles in your shoe, try creating an entirely separate email address to use only for store promotions. That way you’ll still know everything going on with your favorite stores- but only when you want to.

2. Join frequent buyer programs at your favorite stores.

If it’s free, I belong to it. I even have a few paid memberships at stores that are my absolute favorites. It is well worth it since you’ll save money in the long run, particularly if it’s a store you shop at frequently. If you’re going to shop anyway, you may as well be rewarded for it so that you can keep coming back for more. My favorite programs are ones that operate on a points system, then you get free stuff as the points accrue. But no matter what kind of program it is, if it doesn’t cost anything, what do you have to lose?

3. Follow your favorite stores on your social media accounts.

This may seem like a no-brainer and is closely related to tip #1, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this. A lot of stores particularly utilize social media to advertise ridiculously cool flash sales that only last a few hours, so if there was an item you had your eye on for awhile, this is your big chance to get it at a fantastic price. Buuuuuut, if you really really really don’t want your social media experience to get clouded by advertisements, you can make a separate account for promotions and another for your personal use.

4. Comparison shop.

I don’t buy anything, anything, without looking up similar versions of it online first to see which store has it at a better price. Especially for really general items like tees, jeans, pencil skirts, blazers, etc. These days with the magic of Google at your fingertips, you really don’t have any excuse to just buy the first thing you see at the mall. This also helps you have a clear idea of what you want before you hit the stores and end up overwhelmed, buying everything within reach. Let your fingers do the shopping until your wallet finds something it’s happy with.

5. Join a cash back program.

Again, if you’re going to be spending the money anyway, you may as well get something back. Look for a debit card or credit card with cash back or gift card rewards so that every time you make a purchase you’re that much closer to something free. Or if you’d rather not have any of that tied to your bank account, you can join a program with a separate company entirely like, a completely free and addicting online shopping cash back website. No joke. It’s legit. Every time you buy something with one of their affiliated stores, you get a certain percentage of cash back. You can get this via check, Paypal, or even donate your money to a charitable cause. Oh, and they give you a heads up on sales, too.

6. Keep those IDs.

If you are a student, educator, serving in the military (or a veteran), make sure to keep documentation handy. Many stores offer a percentage discount- even on top of sale items. Even if you’re like me and you were a student (long ago, teeheehee), keep your ID and ask about the discount anyway; usually no one will be looking too closely at the date on your card.

7. Make friends with the sales associates.

When you go to a store and are nice to the people working there, they want to be nice to you back. By all means enjoy your shopping experience as you see fit, but when possible try not to make things harder for (more likely than not) minimum wage workers who have been on their feet for hours at a time getting yelled at by their manager for not smiling enough. So say please and thank you; they’re not your servants, you know. Bring your unwanted items with you to the register to be put back instead of just leaving them all over the store. Learn your favorite associates’ names. Then tell the manager how helpful they were. Small acts of kindness like these stand out and may make your store buddy inclined to do things like: tell you about good sales ahead of time, keep items on hold for you, send you home with samples, or give you that discount even after the promotion ends. So come on. At the very least, you’ll make someone else’s day a little brighter. And hey, even if you don’t get a bit of extra help, you can still use tips 1-6.

Is there anything special you do to save money while shopping? Leave a comment below and share the wisdom!






Review: Colourpop No Filter Concealer

Just call me the Concealer Queen, please.

I wear makeup more often than not, but it’s rare that I ever put on foundation. No, when I say my face is “on” what I mean is that my skin looks clear and radiant, my eyes look bright and awake…and I achieve all this simply by starting with concealer. I love concealers. I’ve worked my way through many of the top rated ones, looking for that “holy grail” and I’m still going strong! A good concealer is truly the main ingredient for any makeup recipe, since foundation can be tricky and tinted moisturizers don’t offer much coverage.

But with some concealer and powder- voil√°! Crystal clear skin, yet no one knows you didn’t spend an hour applying a full face of product. That said, it caaaaaan get pretty pricey and I often find that most drugstores don’t carry a wide range of shades (ahem), so buying high end is difficult sometimes. That’s why in 2017 when Colourpop announced they were launching a line of concealers for only $6 (USD) I was intrigued- but skeptical. I’d reviewed their lip products in a previous post and can’t exactly say I was floored, so I tried the No Filter concealer¬†in shades “Rich Tan 65” and “Deep 70” without the benefit of any rose-colored glasses:

Shown: shade “Rich Tan 65”


  • Price (Just SIX DOLLARS!!!)
  • Lightweight, creamy formula
  • Medium coverage
  • Nuanced undertones throughout the shade range
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t dry too quickly, so you have time to set with powder
  • Cruelty-free
  • International shipping available


  • Online only
  • Shipping costs
  • Oxidizes a LOT- order a shade lighter than you think you’ll need
  • Print packaging fades/rubs off quickly
  • Creases easily if you don’t set with powder immediately

Swatches (I’m NW 45 in MAC for reference). Top shade: Rich Tan 65; Bottom shade: Deep 70

Would I recommend/repurchase? YES. I really do enjoy this concealer (ended up sticking with shade “Rich Tan” and it suits my complexion perfectly) and would buy again as a less expensive alternative (although not a complete dupe) to¬†Urban Decay’s ¬†Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer. Although the shade range could be expanded, they still have a pretty wide variety, especially for a brand that isn’t high-end. And because they ship internationally, it’s accessible worldwide. As someone who pretty much came out of the womb with dark under-eye circles, I also have to color correct if I use this under my eyes, but I would 100% recommend this concealer to anyone looking to cover light blemishes or dark spots.

Have you tried this product? Thinking about trying it? Tell me about it with a comment below!



How To: Shop Clean Beauty (Realistically!)

(Bloody Mary shot in the Chronicle studio in San Francisco, Calif., on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.)

I know, I know- seems like every time you turn around, some new ingredient in the beauty industry has been found to cause cancer or some other slow, painful demise. I used to chalk this up to nit-picky scare tactics perpetuated by wealthy, pilates-doing, kale-eating, desperate housewife-y, ladies-who-lunch (not that there’s something wrong with being any of these things, of course) until I started doing research for my earlier post, and realized… *channeling my inner Negan voice* holyyyyyy¬†s@#%, there actually are a lot of ingredients out there in our personal care products that, indeed, cause cancer or some other slow, painful demise.


Yeahhhhhh so, um, long story short: questionable ingredients are usually cheaper, enabling companies to lower the price tag of an item and therefore allowing more people to access it, which of course means the company makes more money. But some of these ingredients are truly toxic. And unfortunately, they’re almost ubiquitous- if you want out of this dangerous hamster wheel you may have to put in some major effort. But that’s exactly what deters many people from purchasing “cleaner” products; we all just want to go into a store and pick something affordable off a shelf; who wants to spend hours researching? So, I did some of that work for you and came up with three ways we can all shop a little bit cleaner- realistically:

1. Know your ingredients.

All products are not created equal. Conventional brands can sometimes make products that are as pure as water- and vice versa with cleaner brands (although any brand marketing itself as USDA-certified 100% organic should be safe).  Read your labels. Remember, how much of an ingredient there is correlates to how close to the beginning of the list it is. Here is a list of several ingredients to avoid whenever possible in products from any brand.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT a scientist or dermatologist- just a concerned citizen and beauty lover. I have linked all the following products so you can make an informed decision for yourself.)

  • Parabens (AKA: methyl, ethyl, etc. paraben)- preservatives known to be hormone disruptors; commonly found in almost every 1st world product known to man, but especially liquid products.
  • Phthalatesused to make products more pliable or make fragrance last on skin; known endocrine disruptors/may cause birth defects.
  • Fragrance/parfum– ¬†provides the scent in perfumes and other beauty/skincare products but since it’s not regulated by the FDA, no one knows for sure what this even means…
  • Sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate)-¬†lathering agents that cause some people skin irritation or trigger allergies; found in shampoo, conditioner, soaps, cleansers- basically anything with bubbles.
  • Mineral oil/petrolatum– smoothing agents in hair or moisturizing skincare products but actually block moisture penetration.
  • EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) binding agent commonly found in bar soaps and face masks; may be toxic to organs.
  • Talc/talcum powder– gives a smooth, powdery finish but has been linked to cervical cancer; found in almost any powder product.
  • Oxybenzone– sun protection ingredient but has been linked to cancer; present in most conventional sunscreens and beauty products with SPF.
  • Toluene, camphor, formaldehyde¬†common nail polish ingredients proven to cause cancer and/or birth defects in humans; read more on toxins specific to nail polish in my previous post.

2. Download the (FREE!) Think Dirty app.

Think Dirty is an app that pretty much does the above for you. Simply search for a product- any product, they cover so much more than beauty- and up it pops along with a rating 1-10 (1 being the “cleanest” and 10 being the “dirtiest”), also with an ingredient list telling you in depth which ingredients are potentially dangerous and why and what research supports/refutes the claim. The only downside to this app seems to be that it’s not exactly…up to date. Products get reformulated all the time, new products are released, but Think Dirty¬†kinda seems about a year or two behind. However, it’s a fantastic start if you simply want a basic overview of how toxic a product might be. I try to avoid anything rated a 7 and above, and only use 4s-6s sparingly.

3. Patronize more non-toxic brands.

Now that more large companies are bandwagoning on the clean trend (sad that that has to be a special interest gimmick, isn’t it?), safer products are undoubtedly easier to get access to. But beware of products that brand themselves as “natural” (for which, in the USA, there is no legal definition or requirement for) and throw in a pinch of coconut oil or avocado on top of a bunch of otherwise crap ingredients merely in order to score points with consumers. Check those ingredients! Here are some clean (or clean-ish) beauty and skincare brands I’ve tried or wishlisted that are easy to score:

BONUS TIP: Use common sense.

Listen, the most important factor of a product is whether it does what you want it to. I don’t care if an item is totally organic, mixed up in your kitchen, and kissed by angels periodically- if it doesn’t work for you then there’s no point. It can be very, very difficult nowadays to have a 100% non-toxic collection (although not impossible, if you want to take on that challenge) of products throughout your house, and honestly…okay look, some products are just the GOAT, “dirty” or not. I own some products right now that are 9s and 10s on the Think Dirty scale but I keep them because they are literally the best I have ever, EVER tried (so far). But only a few; the goal is to minimize the amount of dirty products in your home, because I know it may seem pointless to haggle over what’s in your shampoo when these ingredients are in everything. However, I think we should take a stand for cleaner products and show these companies it is not okay for them to poison us and get paid for it.

It can take just 26 seconds for ingredients to sink into your skin- which has no backup processor for toxins unlike the digestive system- so anything that’s going to sit on it for long periods of time (lotions, antiperspirants, foundations/powders, sunscreens, perfumes, etc.) is obviously riskier for you than something that will be washed off quickly or that covers a small area (hand soaps, eyeshadows, body washes, shampoos, etc.) So buy what works for you first and foremost, but pick and choose wisely what you put your money towards that you work so hard for. Be an informed shopper. Challenge your favorite brands on social media for their ingredients. Buy more from brands that reflect your values when possible.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want.

Brand Spotlight: People Tree (1st Purchase Impressions!)

You guysssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I am so pleased to announce my SECOND purchase with an ethical brand (missed my first one on Mata Traders? Check it out here)! If you read my previous post about what’s wrong with the fashion industry, then you already know that the biggest problem is finding a way to opt out- how does one find brands that aren’t exploitative? Where are they? How much do they cost? And most importantly- do the clothes look good?? Well, deliberate no more. I’ll be the guinea pig so you don’t have to be. Check out my mini-haul from UK-based brand, People Tree.

About the brand: People Tree was founded in 1991 by Safia Minney but received more media attention after being featured in fast fashion documentary, The True Cost (currently free on US Netflix).  Besides attempting to meet all three standards of the slow fashion trifecta: 1) ethical working conditions and wages, 2) environmentally sustainable materials and production, and 3) high-quality, long-lasting craftsmanship and design, all of their items are fair trade and many are made from organic materials.

Claim to fame: They only release a few collections a year for women and men, consisting of clothing, accessories, and jewelry, focusing primarily on wardrobe basics with some unique pieces sprinkled in (Why are basics better? Yep, I wrote about that, too).

Price: Moderate-to-high (but remember the exchange rate from pounds to dollars here). Most items are under $200- and the vast majority of those are under $100. Upon first look, prices might seem out of reach but items usually hang around long enough to save up for and their sales are phenomenal. Def worth pinning and keeping an eye out for a coupon code! My order total once all was said and done? Just $51.82

What I bought: 2 dresses- the organic cotton knit camisole slip-dress in black (I paid $19.02), and the cotton “Bryony” halter neck stripe dress (which I got down to $22.28).¬†































































































  • They do ship internationally!
  • Shipping varies depending on your order total but I purchased during a sale and with coupon codes for a s/h total of only $10.92 (remember all dollar prices must be converted from pounds).
  • My order was placed 8/25 and it arrived 9/12, so if you live outside the UK, it’s not exactly a quick turnaround (but that’s usually to be expected with international shipping).
  • My order came well-wrapped in plastic packaging, which was somewhat surprising considering how environmentally responsible the company seems to be in every other respect, but…
  • I never got a shipping confirmation (although I did get an order confirmation) so I never knew exactly when to expect my arrival. Not sure if that’s just my email settings being weird or if UK companies don’t typically do that? I don’t know but I thought it worth sharing.


  • NO SWEATSHOP LABOR. Yep-¬†workers are paid a living wage for their labor.
  • Items in real life appeared true to photos in terms of color and shape.
  • Organic cotton is SO SOFT. Omg I don’t think I can ever go back to chemicals on my skin…
  • The Bryony dress was lined, eliminating that pesky see-through problem you get with so many fast fashion clothes.
  • Uh…cute, ethical dresses for under $50? Under $30??? YES. MA’AM.
  • If you’re an Anglo-phile, seeing your package stamped saying “Royal Mail” just might give you a little rush before you open it.


  • No pockets in either dress I ordered. WHY???
  • If you live outside the UK, waiting weeks for items could be hard, but I think that’s mostly our instant-gratification society doing some brainwashing. You can wait lolz.
  • ¬†Sizing- you better know your measurements and take a careful look at their size chart (I’m a UK size 10/US size 6), for reference) before ordering.
  • No plus sizes or anything higher than a US extra large. Um, not okay.

Would I repurchase/recommend?¬†YES.¬†It is always¬†worth it when you can support a company with humanitarian values¬†and still look great while doing so. This brand is certainly worth the hype and since I’ve made it my personal mission to begin transitioning my wardrobe into more ethical pieces by January 2019, I can’t wait to purchase more from People Tree in the future (and if they ever want to send me clothes to review so we can start a long and fruitful business relationship, uhhhhhhhh- I would not be mad!!!) Their clothes are gorgeous and their production transparent, and that is something I will always want to be a part of. They are a company that makes me remember why I fell in love with fashion in the first place.

Have you ever purchased from People Tree? Would you like to in the future? Interested in ethical fashion? Leave me a comment below and let’s talk! And don’t forget to follow me on social media for photos, mini-hauls, and more!




Which Would You Buy??? Help Me Choose a Palette!

2017 has definitely been the year of warm-toned, bronze-y, fiery eyeshadow palettes. I wish I could say I’m sick of them, but y’all…I am out here LIVING! These colors are so perfect for gals and guys with tan to deep complexions, and maybe I’m just a leeeeeeeeeettle bit biased towards the idea of palettes that will undoubtedly look good on me. But, makeup is, as always, for everyone. If you want it, rock it!!!

Therefore, I need your help! Although I am on a palette no-buy until 2018, I’m trying to make my wishlist now for Christmas gifts¬†and so that I don’t just go bananas when January rolls around. After reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (and yep- it really is life changing. Go read it asap!!), I’ve become a much more mindful shopper. I’m taking her advice and surrounding myself only with things that bring me joy- and that means not getting sucked into the hype that YouTube and Ad Men bring me on a daily basis. So I’ve realized I don’t need to have¬†every warm, bronze-y palette that was released this year. But the problem is I’m not sure which one(s) I do want!

So below I’m going to briefly describe each of the palettes I’m interested in, along with what I consider to be each palette’s “turn ons” and “turn offs” (although, of course, they’re all under $60USD and cruelty-free). Then hopefully you guys can help me decide which to put on my wishlist!

(All links to products are affiliate links where available, which does give me a small percentage of each purchase. Should you choose not to use my links, that’s A-okay; simply Google the product and shop as you normally would. And if you do choose to purchase through my links- THANK YOU!)

1.) Urban Decay “Naked Heat” $54

(Photo courtesy of

Let’s just get this one out of the way first. There is so little wrong with this palette. Me want.

Turn off(s): PRICE oh my lord sweet baby Jesus


2.) Colourpop “Yes, Please!” $16

Ah, Colourpop…everyone’s fave affordable ¬†makeup brand. I feel like Colourpop is that one cool kid I keep hearing about, but I’ve never actually spoken to (although I did review some of their ultra satin liquid lipsticks a while back). This palette honestly just looks SO gorgeous; it reminds me of a beautiful California sunset and ugh…okay, I may have made this choice by myself already lol.

Turn off(s):¬†Limited edition (almost always out of stock), online only, packaging seems…cheap

Turn on(s): Color range, PRICE, possible dupe for Natasha Denona “Sunset” palette

3.) Dose of Colors “Baked Browns” $32

(Photo courtesy of

I haven’t tried anything by Dose of Colors yet actually but I heard their two eyeshadow palettes that launched earlier this year did not disappoint. Also loving that they took control of the situation and went with quality of over quantity of shadows here. I honestly get overwhelmed with more than like twelve shades fr lmao.

Turn off(s): Online only

Turn on(s): Mattes only, small selection

4.) E.L.F. Cosmetics “Mad For Matte in: Summer Breeze” $10

(Photo courtesy of

E.L.F. has been on the come-up lately! ¬†They surprised us all with new products and sleek finishes, revamping their previous seemingly dollar store persona. Papa’s got a brand new bag, indeed…I’ve heard great things about their new shadows, and have been wanting to try a palette of theirs for a while now.

Turn off(s):¬†Honestly none, but this is my weakest pick of the bunch- I like it but I don’t love it, so I kinda already know what Marie Kondo would say…

Turn on(s): PRICE, color range, mattes only, very similar to Smashbox’s “Ablaze” palette (see below)

5.) NYX Cosmetics “In Your Element: Fire”¬†$30¬†(releasing 9/4/17 in the US on the NYX website, 9/10 on Ulta’s website, and 9/24 at Ulta stores)¬†

(Photo courtesy of @iluvsarahii via Instagram)

NYX popped up out here with a whole dang collection of palettes inspired by the elements. They’ve got fire, air, earth, water- ¬†plus metal and wind. This is one of the most creative things we’ve seen in the beauty industry for a while now, and color me impressed!!! I also have my eye on the “Water” palette but that’s another post…

Turn off(s): *squints* The yellow shades literally look the exact same even in photos. Did they really need to make four??? Also: limited edition

Turn on(s): Price, creativity, color range

6.) Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette in: “Ablaze” $29

(Photo courtesy of

Smashbox is that one brand that always re-invents itself and you have to give them credit; they never do the same thing twice. They released their Cover Shot collection of palettes with the right idea- that not everything works for everybody, so instead of one large palette, they launched several minis!

Turn off(s): Packaging (Tiny and rectangular with sharp edges? Not a good move, Smashbox…)

Turn on(s): Color selection, color variety, color range

7.) Too Faced “Peaches and Cream: Just Peachy Mattes”¬†$45 (officially releasing 9/1/17 in the US, late September in Canada, and November for the UK and Europe)

(Photo courtesy of

Too Faced gets me every…single…time with their adorable packaging!!! I won’t even lie, even if this palette is utter crap I would probably still enjoy just looking at it (I have a feeling it’s gonna be good, though).

Turn off(s):¬†Price ($45 for twelve shades when TF’s large palettes are all $49? Meh.)

Turn on(s): Color range, PACKAGING, scented like…well, like peaches and cream!

Those are my picks! Which one- or ones- would you want? In the spirit of minimalism (and financial wisdom) I certainly won’t try to get them all. But I can’t deciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide, pls halp! Leave me a comment below with your choice ūüôā